Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Spiffs - Don't Waste Your Money On This Garbage

A1. Here Comes Trouble

A2. Kill You

B1. Wink Tonight

B2. Space Age Laser

B3. Time To Go

THE SPIFFS (Phoenix, AZ)
Don't Waste Your Money On This Garbage
Industry Insulting (II-001), 1980

This record came as quite a refreshing surprise when I picked it up on my travels through Arizona last year. While one respected website gave it a less than flattering analysis, I contend that this is one hell of a great EP that shows versatility and promise. Despite the band's humility in naming their "mini LP" Don't Waste Your Money On This Garbage, released on the ever-so-confident Industry Insulting label, the songs are actually quite endearing, toying the lines of pop punk, power pop and even showing a mysterious dark side on "Kill You." Sure, the sleeve and foldout poster leave a little to be desired, but I give two thumbs up to what lies in the grooves.

Front man, Glenn De Jongh, went on to play in a flurry of bands after the Spiffs before ruling the casino and cruise line scene.


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  2. I had commented that these tracks didn't sound like what we did at the Gilamonster... it HAS been 30 years and all I have been listening to were some work-mixes on cassettes that survived. After more listens I'll say that Time to Go, Wink Tonite, and Space Age Laser do ring bells... but Kill You and Here Comes Trouble just sound way different than what I remember... did Glenn do overdubs elsewhere? CR Mike: did all these trax come off this vinyl?

  3. Hi David, thanks for getting in touch. I didn't do the vinyl rip myself, so there's a possibility that a little EQing or compression took place, but these are definitely the correct mixes from the vinyl release. Feel free to send me an email to discuss further. mike@cheaprewards.net

  4. This was originally ripped by Coop and it sounds very compressed.

  5. I've ripped all new MP3s from my 7" at 32 bit/44.1khz with no EQing or tampering. Divshare compresses them to put in the player but I think this is a better representation than what was posted previously.