Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back To Zero - Your Side Of Heaven

A. Your Side Of Heaven

B. Back To Back

BACK TO ZERO (London, England)
Your Side Of Heaven b/w Back To Back
Fiction (FICS-004), 1979

Back To Zero were forerunners of the British mod-revival movement. Formed in 1978, they lasted just a short while with various line-up changes and only have this one single to carry their legacy. But what a terrific pair of songs they left in their wake.

The record was produced by Chris Parry, who also did outstanding work with the Purple Hearts, on his own Fiction Records label. Fiction, which is now owned by Universal, is best known for boosting the career of the Cure. Back To Zero was one of the earliest singles released on the label.

During their heyday, Back To Zero played regularly with Secret Affair, The Chords, Purple Hearts and other great mod bands of the time until they vanished in 1980. "Your Side Of Heaven" was comped on a terrific mod revival collection called Unsung Heroes, released on Unicorn records in 1988.

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