Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The V.I.P.'s - I Need Somebody To Love

Record 1 - A. Need Somebody To Love

Record 1 - B. One More Chance

Record 2 - A1. Stuttgart Special

Record 2 - B1. Who Knows

Record 2 - B2. Janine

THE V.I.P.'S (United Kingdom)
Need Somebody To Love b/w One More Chance
Plus bonus "Beat Crazy EP" - Stuttgart Special b/w Who Knows/Janine
GEM (GEMS-43), 1980

The VIP's released a string of terrific and very diverse singles in the early 80's. This one is my favorite, as it really showcases how dynamic the band was. "Need Somebody To Love" and "One More Chance" are pure power pop perfection with strong musicianship, crisp, clear recordings, beautiful instrument tones, and tight harmonies. The single came with a bonus "Beat Crazy" EP which features more straight forward punk tracks "Stuttgart Special" and "Who Knows" which are almost unrecognizably performed by the same group. The EP finishes with the ever so catchy "Janine."

These tracks along with the rest of the band's singles were all compiled on a short-run import LP entitled "Beat Crazy." Their entire works are impressive, spanning the musical spectrum with should-have-been power pop hits like "Quarter Moon," a cover of "Hippy Hippy Shake" to appease the mod following they unintentionally acquired, and more comedic songs like "Causing Complications" as seen below.

"Need Somebody To Love" was comped on Powerpearls #8.

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