Monday, April 12, 2010

Spizzenergi - Where's Captain Kirk?

A. Where's Captain Kirk?

B. Amnesia

SPIZZENERGI (London, England)
Where's Captain Kirk? b/w Amnesia
Rough Trade (RTSO-4), 1979

Kenneth Spiers, better known to the world simply as "Spizz," started his first group in 1977. Over the next several years he routinely changed the names of his bands to variations of the Spizz moniker including Spizz 77, Spizzoil, Athletico Spizz Co, and the Spizzles, amongst others. In 1979, he released this single on Rough Trade under the name Spizzenergi. The fun, singalongable sci-fi classic spent several weeks on the UK indie charts and was later documented live in the archival new wave film, Urgh! A Music War, under the name Athletico Spizz 80. Spizz and company put out numerous singles and a couple LP's before calling it quits in 1982, but nothing else ever reached the minimal success of this fantastic single.

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