Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Boyfriends - Boyfriend

A. Boyfriend

B. Give A Little, Take A Little

Boyfriend b/w Give A Little, Take A Little
Pinnacle (INT 113.712), 1983

This is what I love about power pop. Fun, hook-filled, catchy tunes that get stuck in your head. "Boyfriend" exemplifies everything great about the genre. Unfortunately, I cannot find ANY information as to who this band was, where they were from, how long they were around, or what else they may have done.

To my knowledge, there are atleast two other power pop bands who called themselves The Boyfriends. There's the well-known US band who formed in the wake of the Poppees, and a UK group who put out a few mediocre singles on United Artists. From what I can gather from a couple "new wave" discographies, this particular Boyfriends released a single in late 1982 on the UK-based Plastic Records, presumably their own label. It appears that the two songs were licensed and released in Germany on the Pinnacle label shortly after that with a different picture sleeve (see above).

The B-Side is a less enthused ballad, but there is perfection in the song "Boyfriend" that brings to mind classics such as The Know's "I Like Girls" and others of that caliber. The band obviously had competent musicians and the song structure and harmonies were top notch. The people in this band had to have gone on to do something else of merit, or possibly even before this since the single came out pretty late compared to other similar records. So who were they?! Anyone know anything?


  1. Boyfriends were - Marcus Godwyn (drummer)/ Dave Howan (guitar) / Bob Summerville (voc) / Pete Graham (bass)

    This was their only 45

  2. I think they were from Greater London. Unfortunately a crash car accident broke the Boyfriends future...
    Some info here: