Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Social Deviates - I Can't, I Gotta Go To Work

March 1980-November 1980

I Can't, I Gotta Go To Work

Why Didn't I See

Guitar/ Vocals – Tom Kornkven (Tommy Quiver)
Guitar/ Vocals – Ed Blicharz (Eddie Phlegm)
Bass/Vocals –Russ Grabczyk (Alonzo Knife)
Drums/Vocals – Terry Garguillo (Dog Dirt)

The Social Deviates only existed for a microcosm of the thriving Milwaukee music scene that boasted such talented bands as the Haskels, Shivvers, and RPM's in the late 70s through early 80s. During their eight month stint, they became somewhat of a house band at Zak's, the infamous hot spot during the burgeoning punk days. The band never got around to releasing a record, but a couple tapes of live gigs and rehearsals have survived.

The band officially came into being in March of 1980. They had been bitten by the punk bug a year prior after having discovered the likes of the Sex Pistols, Clash, Gen X, and The Ramones. Following several months of attending shows at Zak's, they informed the booker that they had a band. Having not a single rehearsal under their belt, they found themselves booked for a gig on April 10th, less than a month away!

They quickly started learning to play songs like "Complete Control," "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker," "Ready Steady Go" and a slew of others in that vein. Fully embracing the new found punk sound, they hammered out six snotty originals in the same style. Before they knew it, they had a tight, powerful sound and by the time of their first gig they had about two dozen songs in the can!

Their first show went over so well that they were offered more gigs. They played almost exclusively at Zak's and shared the stage with all the usual local suspects and occasionally had a good support slot for a touring band. They managed to help pack the club about 30 times before calling it quits in November. By that time they had lost their practice space and hadn't incorporated much new material into their live set. Feeling stagnant, the band simply fell apart.

Terry, Russ and Ed continued on simply as "The Deviates" while Tom went on to play in Fat Tuesday. They've all pretty much continued playing in various bands thereafter.

The two songs offered here were recorded at one of the last Social Deviates gigs. The two originals make no attempt to disguise their British influence and would have been the ones chosen had they made it into a studio and released a 7".

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