Monday, February 28, 2011

The X-Conz - Do Dead People Tan?

A1. Do Dead People Tan

A2. (She's My) Hosebag

B1. A.R.M.Y. Now

B2. Big-Mouthed Girls

X-CONZ (Miramar, FL)
Do Dead People Tan EP
Edge (ER5831), 1981

Yves Bouhadana (lead guitar), Lenny Boguslaw (bass), and Rob Elba (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) formed a band called Karnal Knowledge in their junior year at Miramar High School but soon changed their name to The X-Conz. They played some high school shows and parties with Louie Avila on drums, but his mother wouldn't let him play gigs in bars and clubs. So Glenn Wexo took his place, and although he was a year younger, his mom was OK with him playing in those venues.

While most of the clubs in South Florida catered to cover bands in the late 70s (it was the only way to make a buck as a musician at the time), a new scene was blossoming with bands playing fresh, original material. The X-Conz did try their hand at playing cover material, but quickly realized they weren't cut out for it. So they gigged as much as they could with their self penned songs, often playing 2-3 shows a month. Before long, they found themselves sharing the stage with such legendary Florida acts as The Front, Charlie Pickett, The Essentials, and others.

The band went into Cutting Edge studios in Miramar and laid down six tracks. Four of them appeared on the bands' self released EP which was pressed in an edition of 500 copies. The songs are all fun, catchy punk tunes. Though they tried pushing the record in local stores and even made special display cases, most of the copies were eventually given away.

Things started coming to an end after Yves went away to college. They replaced him with another high school friend named Joe Horvath for a few shows before calling it quits. Their final gig was at a short lived club called Blitz in Hialeah. Though the band had retired their song "Do Dead People Tan" about a year earlier, they closed their last show with it.

"Do Dead People Tan" was featured on Powerpearls Volume 4.


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  3. Thanks for posting this. I've loved this record for years but have never seen any info about it anywhere.

    I played "She's My Hosebag" when a couple of friends and I did a 5 hour Florida punk special on a local radio station. You can download the whole show at these links:

    HOURS 1-3:

    HOURS 4-5:

  4. New 320kbps sound clips uploaded.