Monday, March 28, 2011

International Broadcasters - Self Titled EP

A1. Tears For Two

A2. Debi

B1. Dirty Weekend

B2. Fallin' Apart (Together)

B3. How Could You Know

Self Titled 12" EP
Murder One (GRAB-1), 1980

Bruce Henderson studied bass guitar in high school with Ron Flynt, who was attending college in Stillwater at the time. Ron later left Oklahoma for Los Angeles and went on to form the great 20/20. Meanwhile, Bruce started his own band called the International Broadcasters who were originally a three piece with Bruce on bass/vocals, Ed Eissenstat on guitar, and David Dage on drums/vocals. They played some gigs around Stillwater and once opened for the Tom Robinson Band in Tulsa.

The band went on hiatus when Bruce moved to Austin to attend college at UT in 1979 . He immediately hooked up with fellow Oklahoman, Tom Grula, who had started school at UT a couple years earlier. They formed a band, but after a couple months of rehearsing without a drummer, decided to bring David Dage down from Stillwater. He recorded two songs with them that would later become the sole single for The Fad.

The Fad played on for about 18 months with a different drummer (who actually lived in Austin city limits), but when Bruce felt things were winding down because Tom was getting ready to graduate, he went back up to Stillwater and recorded five songs with the Broadcasters in one long session. This time they added Jim Drummond on guitar, making it a four piece.

The record was released as a 45 RPM 12" EP on Bruce's Murder One label. Though it was intended only as a studio project, the band did play a release party at Sound Warehouse in Stillwater. During this one-off performance, the band introduced the song "Vertigo," which would later surface in the repertoire of Standing Waves, an active band Bruce joined after arriving back in Austin.

The 500 copies of the International Broadcasters 12" eventually hit the shelves of record shops in OK and TX, and through friends and connections, all the copies eventually disappeared. Bruce later convinced David to move down to Austin where they continued to write and play together in Standing Waves. Jim Drummond even joined in as roadie and part time player when the band relocated to New York. Things eventually fizzled and most everyone retreated back to Texas. Jim joined a late incarnation of The Next with Ty Gavin. You can read more about Bruce and David on our Fad feature.


  1. Thank you for posting some Oklahoma bands really appreciated.

  2. Great tunes from a great band! I remember hearing them play a great cover of The Monkee's hit She when I was going to school here in Stillwater. I wish they had made more recordings.