Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Reactions - Love You EP

A1. Nights On End

A2. Marianne

B1. I Can't Help It

B2. Rebel Rousers

Love You EP
Reaction Records, 1981

The Reactions existed for just a couple short years but left behind quite a legacy with their two four-song EPs, Official Release and Love You. But those recordings are just a tiny glimpse into how great the band really was.

In 1980, the Reactions won a battle of the bands competition and the prize was four hours of studio time in a local rehearsal space. So they brought along a 4-track recorder and laid down a bunch of material. Their four favorite songs were chosen for release on the their first EP, while the other remaining tracks were forgotten about and the tapes eventually misplaced.

After much digging around, Cheap Rewards Records managed to track down a cassette rendering of that session. 30 years of repeat plays and being stored in harsh climates resulted in significant deterioration of the tape. But it was evident that the songs were top notch and needed to be cleaned up. So the tape was sent off to Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers for a complete restoration. Dave spent months tweaking every nook, cranny, drop-out and phase issue, while eliminating the ever so bothersome tape hiss.

Dave also mastered the songs from the two EPs and some live tracks recorded in 1980 and '81. The end result is a 17-song collection of Reactions material entitled Saturday's Gone Wild. The band-sanctioned LP will be released in December, 2011 as the debut for Cheap Rewards Records.

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