Monday, March 12, 2012

The Imposters - Inside My Head

A. Inside My Head

B. King Of America

IMPOSTERS (Sonoma County, CA)
Inside My Head b/w King Of America
Dublab (DS-003), 1983

The Imposters formed as a three-piece in Sonoma County in 1978. They built a strong following in the Bay area, playing alongside bands like Crime, the Avengers, Dead Kennedys and the Dils. Their first release was the "Night Time TV" EP on 415 Records, which was followed up in 1980 with the "Don't Get Mad" single on the same label.

1980 also saw the release of a compilation album called Alive! Rock City that featured two Imposters tracks. Then another song, "Sounds On The Street," appeared on a 1981 compilation called Rising Stars Of San Francisco. The band spent their time touring up and down the west coast and even made their way out to Texas, playing Austin and Dallas.

1983 marked the release of their first LP, Mask. Two songs from the album were released as a single. The A-Side, "Inside My Head," is an infectiously poppy track that is sure to get stuck inside your head, while the reggae-twinged flipside, "King Of America" sways more in the direction of "Watching The Detectives."

The record received heavy air play across the States, but the band ended up splitting in November of that year.


  1. Nice! I saw The Imposters several times in the 79-80 with other 415 acts. Always loved Night Time TV but only had a radio recording. Thanks so much for the band details.

  2. I tried to download in divshare but the file isn't there.

  3. It's actually the Impostors and you can listen to two live shows that I recorded for radio broadcast at the Old Waldorf and Berkeley Square on my youtube channel