Tuesday, February 22, 2011

True Hearts - Not Tonight EP

A1. Not Tonight

A2. All My Time

B1. Trust Me Candy

B2. God's Gift To Girls

Not Tonight EP
Counterfeit (CR-512), 1980

Terry Carolan was looking for a new project following the demise of his band, Just Boys. He had recently moved to LA to try and get the band signed, but unfortunately interest from labels never materialized and things fell apart. After auditioning and not landing gigs with such legendary acts as Badfinger, The Quick, Dwight Twilley Band, and others, he migrated to Houston at the recommendation of his longtime friend Gary Littleton.

Littleton, who was integral to the early success of Just Boys, had recently transplanted to Houston himself. After discovering a band called The Pinups who were in need of a second guitar player, he convinced Terry to move out to Texas and join the group. Terry ended up playing in three different incarnations of the The Pinups between 1979-84, but it was after his first stint that he formed his next band, The Flirt. The original line-up consisted of Terry on lead vocals/guitar, with bassist John Rempe (who played in the final days of Just Boys) and two former members of The Pinups, Manual Martinez on lead guitar and Rick Holeman on drums and backing vocals.

The band went to Tampa to record a full length album after just a few months of rehearsals. Certain tracks such as "Not Tonight," "All My Time," and "Trust Me Candy," which were all conceived during the Just Boys days were finally brought to light. In the end, the band wasn't enthused with the overall production of the sessions and opted to pick their four favorite tracks and release an EP instead of an LP.

The record was released in a limited run under the bands new moniker, True Hearts. It was put out on the Counterfeit label, which was formed in 1977 by Carolan and Littleton to release the sole Just Boys single. The EP shows the natural progression and maturity of Carolan's songwriting ability and is heavily laced in Raspberries-style power pop.

The band toured relentlessly through Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas while dealing with a constant routing cast of members. Some more recording was done, but the band eventually imploded before anything else was released.

A CD compilation was recently released on Kool Kat Music containing the collective works of the True Hearts. In addition, “All My Time” earned a notch on 2013's Texas power pop compilation album, Radio Ready that was released on Cheap Rewards Records.

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