Tuesday, July 21, 2009

NCM - Ultimate Orgasm

A. Ultimate Orgasm

B. Twist The Blade

NCM (Dallas, TX)
Ultimate Orgasm b/w Twist The Blade
VVV (003), 1980

Non Compos Mentis, better known as NCM were a Dallas-area powerhouse trio led by Neal Caldwell who ran the VVV Record Store and label, and was also in the Schematics (VVV-001). Besides his own bands, Caldwell's label also released singles by local groups including Bobby Soxx, the Ejectors, Quad Pi, The Ralphs, and several others.

David Hill and Neal's brother Randy rounded out the line-up of NCM. "Ultimate Orgasm" was the band's first vinyl offering and features two phenomenal sides. The initial pressing had 500 copies with black and white labels, while the second press of 1,000 had purple and silver labels (pictured above).

The band released another single with "Quick To Compliment" and "I Used To Know You" the following year and they had two additional tracks on the Live At The Hot Klub LP released in 1983 on VVV. One more track, "Six Feet Under" surfaced on 1993's Sacred Cattle EP on Existential Vacuum.

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  1. They were the best Dallas band then. And I say that with complete bias. David Hill died last year by the way-- an almost completely unremarked yet devastating passing in Texas music.