Monday, January 25, 2010

Kraft Durch Freude - I've Got A Whole Lotta Love

A. I've Got A Whole Lotta Love

B. I Don't Mind

I've Got A Whole Lotta Love b/w I Don't Mind
Another Swiss Label/Off Course (ASL/FFC 8010/5), 1980

Kraft Durch Freude (literal translation: Strength Through Joy) were a short-lived Swiss punk/power pop outfit that released this single, as well as a 7 song 12" called "Wir Bleiben Kameraden," and have two more tracks that were featured on a "Swiss Wave" compilation. As far as I can tell, that is the complete output of this particular band, however, the trio's leader, Rudi Dietrich, carried some of these songs to later groups and still plays them to this day in his latest project called Hilarious, Ltd. Dietrich has played in a myriad of bands both before and after KDF, including first generation Swisswave groups like the Nasal Boys, Kleenex, Mutterfreuden, plus many more. This gem of a 45 features two examples of fun, catchy, well-executed Swiss pop at it's finest. A collection of Dietrich's works called "Sheer Hilariousness" is available in a two CD format.

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