Monday, May 24, 2010

Cheese - Kids Don't Mind

Kids Don't Mind

She Said

CHEESE (New York City NY)
Kids Don't Mind b/w She Said
B-B-Baby (36157), 1979

Jim Maresca placed an ad in a NY/NJ pop culture rag called The Aquarian in 1978. As a singer and guitarist he was looking for people to start a band with. He found bassist Andy Bale, drummer Dennis Miniero and a lead guitar player named Vic Harrison. They called the band Cheese and over the next two years they gigged regularly around New York's hot spots, made an appearance on the Uncle Floyd show and self-released a single.

It is believed that 750 copies of the record were made between two pressings which could be differentiated by either tan or pink center labels. The single earned favorable reviews but the band was still unable to build a large local following. They did receive a fair amount of airplay in other states, however. Unfortunately they never ventured out to play those areas before calling it quits in 1981.

Vic, Jim, and Andy had a side project called The Young Shriners, which played minute-long songs with titles of iconic rock standards like "Born To Run" and "Stairway To Heaven," but with new lyrics and completely unique music. Jim and Andy later went on to play in the Sic F*cks with Snooky and Tish of Manic Panic notoriety. Andy is now an accomplished radio DJ. Jim is still playing music and Vic is the executive director of the VA Horse Racing Commission and still plays music. His sister Nina sang back-up vocals on the song "She Said" on the single. Dennis still plays drums as well as other instruments. He ran an importing company and spent some time in Hong Kong but is now living back in NY selling Mini Coopers under the name Dennis MINIero. Get it?


  1. I like cheese!

  2. Cheese was mentioned on CBS Sunday Morning recently during the piece on late rock photographer Jim Marshall.

  3. This single is absolutely superb. Had this about 2 years,i thought they were English at first. Really nailed that 1978 UK Powerpop sound.
    Tony B

    1. Tony,
      Nice compliment. Jim and I had a healthy competition as to song-writing. The cool thing is we were able to make each other's songs all the better for it. We recorded in MD, just outside of Washington DC. Jerry, the engineer, was patient and recorded us cleanly capturing the feeling of the band and the times.
      Vic Harrison

  4. I love this single. Classic. This rivals anything The Nerves did. Would love to hear other recordings if they exist.