Monday, May 17, 2010

Speedies - Let Me Take Your Foto

A. Let Me Take Your Foto

B. No Substitute

SPEEDIES (Brooklyn, NY)
Let Me Take Your Foto b/w No Substitute
Golden Disc (GDR-1003), 1979

Eric, Greg and Allen started playing together at the tail end of 1978. They shared a strong love for breakfast cereal, cartoon theme songs, 60's pop, 70's glam and the new British wave of cutting edge acts such as the Buzzcocks, Generation X, and the Jam (who they'd eventually open for). At the tender age of 16 they were determined to make a mark playing catchy pop tunes about girls, school, and pop perfection. After enlisting vivacious singer John Marino, the group began gigging (sans bass player) and making their mark in pop history. Quickly building a loyal following with their wild stage shows, they eventually realized they needed a bass player. In stepped John Carlucci and the band was unstoppable. Their first single, "Let Me Take Your Foto" sold out instantly.

With many shows, some touring, a second single, and numerous rave reviews under their belt, the band called it quits in 1981 to pursue further education. Though we'll never know what the Speedies could have become had they persevered a few years longer, schooling seemed a wise route as members went on to become Supreme Court judges, professors at Yale, inevators at Apple Computer, etc.

Renewed interest in the band came in 2005 when they were featured on a Numero Group comp called "Yellow Pills: Prefill." Later in the year, the song "Let Me Take Your Foto" was featured in a highly acclaimed Hewlett Packard ad campaign. This led to the band's eventual LP release on the Radio Heartbeat label which featured the songs from their two singles and early unreleased gems, as well as a reunion performance in New York at the Radio Heartbeat Festival.

The video below is for the song "Time" which is from their second single and was also featured on Powerpearls #3.

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